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Sunshine & Rain - Being Prepared for your Outdoor Event


We all love the idea of an outdoor event. Great weather, blank canvases to make it all your own. When we think about outdoor events, we think ocean views, garden parties and picturesque sunsets. Choosing to host your event outdoors can provide your guest with the feeling that they are not only attending an event, but also taking part in an experience that often cannot be found in a traditional indoor space. 

While some of us are entering into the fall season, and are hoping for cooler weather to begin that is NOT the case here in Florida and many southern states. Mother natures is obviously on her own timeline and we have a few more months before we start seeing that happen. So for us down south, we are still dealing with hot weather and torrential rain.

When we choose a date for an outdoor event, it is like taking a shot in the dark and pray for a bullseye for great weather. 

There are a few things that should be kept in mind when looking for an outdoor space for your outdoor party. No matter where you decide to have it, always have an indoor plan B set in place in case of inclement weather. Your Plan B option may be set after or even at the same time as you decide on a location.

summer and Fall in some areas mean sunshine AND rain!  When we choose a date for an outdoor summer event, it is like taking a shot in the dark and pray for a bullseye for great weather. 

Now you know when we go outside, we like to spread out. Utilize as much space as we are allowed. That’s not a bad idea. Just make sure that all of the elements for your décor, floorplan and guest count can be transferred beautifully into your indoor space without compromising your vision. I mean the work that has been put into it all should not go in vain. 

Rain is not the only concern when having an outdoor event. The warm weather is all fun and games until the humidity and temperature fly off the charts. Brides, this is not the time for your wedding ceremony to begin late. The 15min rule does not apply here.

To protect your guest from the scorching heat, erect a tent. There are some amazing options for tents these days. My favorite is a clear tent. You are able to get the views of the surrounding area especially the beautiful sky. You can add elements of shade to your clear tent with a beautiful partial drapery. If you are in need of full shade, atraditionalwhite tent will do just the trick. 

The best this to do is make sure your plan B is just as solid as your plan A. Count and trust in your planning team to execute both flawlessly and make the executive decision on what will be the best thing to do when the time comes.

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