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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

If you are all about your cake, you have spent some time choosing the right look, flavors, and of course, the right baker to bring your cake dreams to life. So, of course, you would want to savor your wedding cake. . few ways to achieve your cake staying perfect for you to eat to celebrate surviving your first year as a married couple.

We have reached out to one of our favorite bakers for her tip on how to successfully save, freeze, and store your wedding cake's top tier. Courtney, with Courtney's Cupcake Co in Clearwater, FL shared with us the steps on how to save-the-cake.

Step One: Refrigerate

To preserve the overall look of your cake, allow it to harden before prepping for storage. Place your cake in the fridge until everything feels sturdy, at least a few hours which will allow you to wrap the cake more easily without disturbing the exterior design. Make sure to remove any decorative additions to your cake like gum paste flowers, etc. so that you can wrap it airtight before putting it in the freezer.

A smoother cake allows for the plastic wrap to create a closer seal and will leave less chance of spoiling.

Step Two: Wrap Properly

Begin with plastic wrap and press the plastic directly onto the surface of the buttercream or fondant. Then, follow up with at least two layers of foil. Your goal is to get your wrapping as airtight as possible. Remember that smells transfer, as do certain tastes, so if anything aromatic is going into the freezer (like fish, frozen onions, etc.) you want to make sure it is well-wrapped and sealed properly so it does not absorb any undesirable flavors/odors.

Step Three: Defrost

When you are ready to eat, remove your cake from the freezer and keep it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, remove from the fridge and leave at room temperature on the counter for five or six hours unwrapped. When your cake is fully defrosted and at room temperature, it is time to eat and celebrate your one-year anniversary!

Now, if you are not like me and can manage to not pick away at the cake here and there you will be able to keep the cake secure and fresh for a year.


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Planner and Design: MoChar Events and Design

Cake: Courtney's Cupcake Co.

Photos: Marina Leighann Photography

Table Decor Rental: ADR Decor

Florist: Blooming Flower Art

Linen and Chair rental: Any Event Linen and Chair Rental

Private chef: Chef Moya Key Lime Life

Clothing/Personal Stylist: All Brides 2 Be

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