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Okay Now Let's Get in Formation! Time for the Wedding Rehearsal

You and your planner have discussed the processional, music, and ceremony countless times making sure it is right. Now it is finally time to see it in motion. The wedding rehearsal is a non-dress rehearsal for the wedding ceremony and certain aspects of the reception. Having one is important as it gives the couple a chance to preview what the ceremony will look like and make any changes. More importantly, it can help alleviate any pre wedding jitters. But we all know that on the day, the jitters return.

Who Attends the Wedding Rehearsal?

Your wedding planner, entire bridal party, officiant, parents, anyone doing a special performance during the ceremony and the venue coordinator are all in attendance of the rehearsal. By having everyone participating in the ceremony in attendance they will learn in what order they make their way down the aisle, at what point they start making their way down the end of the aisle, where they are to stand or sit. In some cultures, there is a special entrance for the bridal party and that will need to be rehearsed in the space after weeks and weeks of practice. The officiant, if present, will also do a quick run through of the ceremony. At this time, you go over what is going to be said, if there is a unity ceremony, should there be anyone singing, reciting a poem, at what point during the ceremony will these things take place.

When should the Rehearsal take place?

Traditionally the wedding rehearsal takes place a day or two before the wedding. However, it boils down to when your venue has availability as close to your wedding date as possible. Sometimes the day before is unavailable so you have to have it earlier - which is fine as long as the key players in the ceremony are able to attend. Once you lock in your wedding date with your venue, it is a good time to go ahead and reserve your rehearsal date and time. If you are unable to lock it in at the time of booking your venue, then you should be sure to book your rehearsal 3 months in advance.

Reception Rehearsal.

Wildly enough, the reception is not thought about during the ceremony rehearsal. It is important to do a run through of the introductions of the bridal party and the couple. Your bridal party will need to know how they will be introduced, in what order. If you would like them to wait on the dance floor for you or take their seats immediately. Other aspects of the reception rehearsal to consider would be your final layout of your guest tables, DJ, band or if you're having a buffet style, where that will be. take all into consideration when you are practicing your entrance into the reception space.

Your rehearsal plays a part of the wedding day preparations. Unfortunately, there are times when a rehearsal cannot be held prior to the wedding day. Should that happen, there is a quick solution, work with your planner while creating the day of timeline to include 10-20 mins to have the bridal party line up in their order, have them do a quick walkthrough for the processional while you and your future spouse continue to get ready. Have the officiant have a clear outline of the ceremony to include notes for at what point a unity ceremony will be done, a poem will be read etc.

Photos: Autumn and Jendry

Florals: Save the Date Florida

Planning: MoChar Events and Design

Venue: The Palmetto Club and Fishhawk Ranch

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